The SodaStream donated one thousand bottles to the Camp Courage

By: trademagazin Date: 2015. 06. 30. 11:25

The SodaStream's national representatiion, the Fast Hungary Kft. donated 1000 bottles to the Camp Courage last week. “The 0.9-liter bottles of our devices can be used as flask easily. Because fluid consumption is especially important in the heat for, we decided to give the bottles to an organization that work for a noble purpose during the summer. So the choice fell on the Camp Courage and to its volunteers”- Rutai Gergely SodaStream expert informs.


“Adequate hydration is very important in the summer, we take care of it especially in this camp. Our volunteers pay attention to consume and give adequate amounts of fluid to themselves and to the children”- Dr. Cserbák Anna,, medical director of the Camp Courage Foundation said. In addition, SodaStream bottles are BPA free and therefore do not contain any harmful substances.

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