With these tricks, customers may avoid price increases

By: Trademagazin Date: 2022. 08. 08. 16:48

In 2022, product prices in Hungary skyrocketed. The increase in prices affected food to one of the greatest extents. In many cases, the price of vegetables, fruits and packaged food has gone up by 20-50 percent in just one year. That’s why it’s much more important now than before to prepare for our larger purchases, because there are many tips and tricks that you can use to save a lot of money, even without having to visit another store. Pénzcentrum has collected the tips with which the price increase is less noticeable.

1. Let’s see what’s on sale

It may seem obvious, but it’s always worth browsing through the specials of each grocery store before shopping. Pénzcentrum also publishes the current special offers magazines of the biggest Hungarian stores every week. By flipping through them, anyone can easily compile their weekly shopping list, thereby saving a lot on shopping.

2. Write a list and stick to it

Science has proven in many cases how important it is to have a shopping list. Among other things, a survey published in the Journal of Consumer Behavior in 2020 and a previous research by the American Institute of Marketing Science also proved how much more cost-effective a planned purchase can be than an ad hoc one. According to the results of the latter, customers who only go on an unplanned “quick shopping spree” spend an average of 54 percent more money than they plan to.

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