This is what awaits traders with the new webshop regulation

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 03. 14. 11:54

At the 8th Ecommerce Expo Budapest held on February 29, 2024, dr. Barnabás Balczó, the president and CEO of MPL, spoke about the actions related to the new government decree known to many as the “webshop decree”. Pursuant to the decree, all webshops operating in Hungary must ensure the possibility of using the universal postal service.

At the presentation, Dr. Barnabás Balczó said: if the webshop already has a contract with MPL and it is active, then there is no change, but if it is inactive, the contract must be updated. If the webshop does not yet have a contract with MPL, you can choose between two options: registration or signing a contract. For registration, it is sufficient to accept the General Terms and Conditions on the MPL website, while in the case of concluding a contract, an individual agreement can be concluded with MPL.

In case of registration for the content of the service, the fee determined by the General Terms and Conditions must be paid, which includes the delivery costs. The fees for special services (e.g. cash on delivery, payment by bank card) are not included in the fee according to the General Terms and Conditions. The fee for the service provided by MPL is determined by the online stores. Webshops covered by the regulation must ensure the transparency of consumer prices and the separate display of other costs.

Compliance with the government decree will not be checked by Magyar Posta, but by the consumer protection authority. If there is a deficiency somewhere, the first thing you can expect is a summons or a warning, not an immediate fine.

In order to comply with the government decree, MPL introduced a number of support measures: it increased its capacities and provides stakeholders with a constantly updated FAQ. Webshops are recommended to prepare and implement the changes required by the government decree as soon as possible.

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