The sale of szaloncukor, which is made in more and more different flavors, is increasing every year

By: Trademagazin Date: 2023. 11. 24. 11:55

The turnover of szaloncukor, one of the most popular seasonal products of the Christmas period, is increasing every year, and although it is available in more and more different flavors, the most popular flavors are still jelly, marzipan, coconut, caramel and chocolate cream – the National Chamber of Agricultural Economy told MTI (NAK) on Friday.

Based on data from the Association of Hungarian Confectionery Manufacturers, it was written that consumers in Hungary buy almost 3,500 tons of brown sugar every year, an average of 1 kilogram per household.

They added that premium products have become particularly popular in the last ten years, but at the same time, the demand for more expensive sweets seems to be slightly decreasing this year. It was mentioned that the price of two very important raw materials, sugar and cocoa, increased by more than one and a half times in one year, and this affects the price of salon sugars as well. In addition, sugar-free, vegan and other alternative versions are still in demand, they added.

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