Sales approach an annual HUF 27 billion

By: trademagazin Date: 2009. 12. 03. 08:00

Demand for wiener is steady: 27,000 tons were sold in September 2008-August 2009, just like a year earlier, according to the Nielsen Retail Index. Wiener sales grew above the meat product average by 8 percent and approached HUF 27 billion. The volume weighted average price was HUF 970 in November-December 2008 (self-service), but in July-August 2009 Nielsen measured HUF 1,088. Hypermarkets sell 37 percent of wieners; the 400-m² and smaller channel was down from 26 to 25 percent. Private labels’ market share reached 40 percent in July-August (up from 34 percent last November-December).

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