Millions of Europeans watch sports illegally and buy counterfeit sports equipment, costing manufacturers €850 million

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 06. 12. 10:22

However, as Europeans prepare to broadcast the biggest sporting events, millions of them may be doing so illegally. According to EUIPO’s study on awareness and behavior of EU citizens, 12% of EU citizens have accessed or streamed content from illegal sources to watch sports broadcasts. As for young people between the ages of 15 and 24, more than ¼ of them (27%) admitted to watching sports broadcasts on illegal online channels.

  • 6% of Hungarian citizens watched or streamed sports content from illegal online sources: among young people between the ages of 15 and 24, this rate was 17%.
  • In the EU, manufacturers face losses of 850 million euros annually due to counterfeit sports equipment, which corresponds to 11% of lost sales.
  • 7% of Hungarians between the ages of 15 and 24 knowingly bought counterfeit sports equipment on the Internet.
    Police authorities across Europe searched and seized 8 million counterfeit luxury and sports goods and/or devices with an estimated retail value of €120 million.
  • At the start of the season of international sporting events, the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) launches a campaign called “Play Fair”, encouraging fans to watch official broadcasts and buy licensed merchandise.

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