Europe has boiled, one tenth of humanity is starving – technologies that can be a way out of the upcoming global food crisis

By: Trademagazin Date: 2023. 07. 31. 11:01

According to forecasts, by 2050, in parallel with the dynamic population growth, the global food demand will also jump by about 70 percent, while the situation of agriculture is already being made difficult by the scarcity of water resources, the disruption of supply chains and the increasingly frequent extreme weather conditions. Globally, critical challenges for the future of humanity preoccupy not only farmers, but also larger production companies and the public, and attention is increasingly focused on technological solutions that have already proven themselves in practice. How does big data revolutionize agriculture, what are remote sensing systems good for and how does a digital insect trap work?

Robotics, automation and artificial intelligence not only increase the efficiency and volume of production, but by exploiting them we also invest in sustainability. The Stylers information technology company group has collected today’s most important agrotech trends.

By 2030, the available water resources will fall short of global needs by 40 percent, and considering that nearly 10 percent of humanity is still hungry, it is quite a scary prospect that within 30 years there will be approximately 10 billion people on Earth. It is a huge challenge to meet the accompanying food demand, and the problem is directing more and more attention to agrotech developments: by 2030, the value of the market for agricultural innovations may reach 43 billion dollars.

“South Asia is at the forefront of this sector, but Western European states and the USA also have developed agrotech ecosystems. According to a recent survey, the impact of IoT (Internet of Things, 19%), robotics (17%) and artificial intelligence (14%) and precision agriculture is the most significant among the technologies in agriculture, and indeed there are many exciting and very effective examples. we can already see this in practice”

– says Gábor Gönczy, managing director and owner of the Stylers information technology company group.

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