Restaurant software – the minimum is not enough these days

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 07. 09. 11:45

Since the introduction of the NTAK data service, all but the smallest restaurants, brewpubs and catering establishments now have some kind of software. However, the free tool, which is often introduced out of necessity, is limited to basic financial functions, so it does not mean either an increase in efficiency or a competitive advantage. All this despite the fact that, based on recent research by, a modern IT solution and the resulting new opportunities can even double the income of a unit.

The integrated systems manage the catering processes as a unit, from the procurement of raw materials to the order to the tip, automatically manage the cash register and NTAK reports and provide a ready-made solution for tasks such as serving stalls and internet orders, inventory records, or remote monitoring of unit operation – László Veres, head of the food ordering portal, raised the question.

The website’s recently concluded research examined the restaurant systems available in Hungary and the benefits associated with them, based on the opinions of restaurateurs. More than 10 serious service providers offer such software on the market, and although they differ significantly in appearance, products, and support, they all enable the integrated management of processes. The significant differences are reflected in the fact that since the first introductions, 13% of those liable have switched from one market (ie not free) solution to another. The reason for the many “transfers” is that due to time pressure or lack of experience, many people did not initially decide on the optimal solution for them. An integrated catering and restaurant system saves catering establishments labor and administration, and smooth business processes also reduce turnover by around 42%.

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