Hot water can also be made from leftover food

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 04. 01. 11:41

As a hybrid heat pump using HERU pyrolysis technology, it can produce up to twice as much energy from locally generated waste as is required for its operation without burning. Users can thus not only get rid of their waste, but also reduce their energy bills. Not to mention that the device can be an effective solution to the problem of CO2 emissions and waste processing.

Siemens is committed to supporting developments in the field of green energy, and is now helping to develop a new solution that transforms everyday waste into energy. Nik Spencer’s invention was developed by HERU Technologies, and Siemens provided the control and display panel, and also participated in testing the device together with other users.

Green energy from waste

Unrecyclable waste intended for landfill, such as various packaging materials, hygiene items, diapers and organic waste, food, is transformed into valuable energy with the help of the pyrolysis used by HERU, the operation of which is described by its inventor as a 5-9 million year old natural process speeds up the decomposition process to 5 hours.

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