This is what Hungarians are looking for now, according to Árukereső.hu

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 03. 26. 11:46

With the arrival of good weather, interest in products related to leisure activities has increased. The search for related products has increased both in Hungary and in the countries of the region, according to the announcement of Árukereső.

The increase in interest in leisure products is indicated by the fact that the number of users looking for pool cleaning vacuum cleaners has more than doubled in Hungary, and the search for air coolers has also increased similarly. In addition, searches for ice cream machines, sunbeds, bicycle saddles, outdoor chairs and swing seats have also increased significantly in the recent period.

In addition to leisure activities, many people are interested in tools related to garden care, such as lawnmowers, lawnmowers and robotic lawnmowers. In addition, with the arrival of nice weather, in addition to outdoor activities, exercise and beauty products have also become more popular, so interest in hair conditioners and mass enhancers, for example, has also increased.

Similar trends can be observed in individual countries, for example in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, interest in bicycles, lawnmowers and sunscreens has increased. In Romania, an increase in interest in erotic pumps stands out among the searches, while in Bulgaria and Slovenia, searches for garden products, sports equipment and children’s toys have increased.