Non-alcoholic mono pralines become more robust

By: trademagazin Date: 2009. 10. 27. 08:00

Retail sales of praline were up by 6 percent in value in August 2008-July 2009, with the market exceeding an annual HUF 19 billion. As for volume, praline sales reached 5,500 tons – just like in previous years. Non-alcoholic mono pralines kept their popularity, covering half of the market in both value and volume. Second most popular is the non-alcoholic mixed segment. If we take look at retail channels, we can see that 77 percent (in volume) of pralines are sold by retail chain units larger than 400 m². On the praline market, and even more among chocolate bars, the variety of and the demand for private label products keep increasing – more and more are nicely packaged and high quality products that make a nice present. Christmas, Easter and Valentine’s Day are the most important periods for selling pralines. This is when it is worth increasing the display space and setting up secondary displays. From complete chocolate turnover in August 2008-July 2009, countline chocolate had a 45 percent share, chocolate bars represented 28 percent and pralines’ share was 27 percent. In terms of volume, private labels carved out a 24 percent market share.

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