This year’s first eGN announcement has been published

By: STA Date: 2023. 06. 21. 10:00

On April 20, 2023, the legislation related to the submission of uniform applications for 2023 entered into force, which states that farmers can keep the farm diary both electronically and on paper as a condition for applying for subsidies.

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Nébih prepared the form to be used for paper-based driving and the guide to help you fill it out. The pages of the Farming Diary must be filled out depending on which subsidies the producer uses. In order to ensure the smoothness of data recording, the instructions detail the tasks for each support separately. The general rules for the Business Diary are laid down in 13/2023.

(IV. 19.) AM decree, of which the following are particularly important:

  • Section 26 (1) The agricultural producer shall keep the management diary – subject to the 43/2010.  (IV. 23.) FVM Decree § 29 (6) and § 30 (7) – it is conducted electronically or on paper as specified in the law or in the call for tenders.
  • (2) Unless otherwise stipulated by legislation or a call for tenders, the maintenance of the management diary must be started from the submission of the unified application, but no later than the last day of the deadline for submitting the unified application (June 9), and it must be kept for the entire relevant year
  • .(3) The management of the management diary is examined by the Hungarian State Treasury in the framework of an on-site inspection.

The paper-based Business Diary for the year 2023 must be recorded on the Nébih electronic Business Diary (eGN) interface by January 31, 2024 at the latest

However, we draw the producers’ attention to the fact that if the form is kept on a computer, in Excel format, rather than in printed form, it is also considered a paper-based management, so the obligation to upload it to the online system applies.

It will not be possible to upload the paper-based form (including Excel) into the system as a document, the data must be entered manually, therefore, in order to avoid double data entry, we recommend that those who can, already keep their diary in the online system.

If the producer is unable to comply with the obligation to provide data due to a system error, please report this to the e-mail address


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