Aldi accused of human rights violations

By: trademagazin Date: 2009. 02. 06. 03:10

German discount chain Aldi is reported to violate labour and human rights of Chinese staff that produce promotional goods for the company.

 A study by the German Südwind
institute claimed that Aldi tries to gain an advantage over its
competitors by offering discounted products at the expense of the
workers. Aldi sales yearly 2500 promotional good, 40% of them came
from China. Where the woman work daily 12-15 hours for almost
nothing. Their wage is not enough for a small room, so they have to
sleep on the ground near to the plants. In the first mont they often
have to work for free and in case of mistake the owner make
deducation. The institute urged Aldi to take measures to improve the
situation in 2007, but the company didn't want to make anything. So
Südwind turned to the publicity.

Aldi promised to review the study and
emphasised it is aware of its responsibilities as a leading German


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