EM: the condition of the waters must not only be preserved, but also improved

By: STA Date: 2023. 04. 20. 11:00

The goal of the Hungarian government is to preserve the natural heritage and rich water resources of the Carpathian Basin for future generations, the state of the waters must not only be preserved, but also improved – said Anikó Raisz, State Secretary for the Environment and Circular Economy of the Ministry of Energy (ME) at the European At the informal meeting of the Union’s Environmental Protection Council in Stockholm, according to the ministry’s announcement on Thursday.

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In his speech, the state secretary emphasized that a wider range of EU funds should be involved in the transition to a circular economy, especially in order to improve the competitiveness of Central and Eastern European companies. By supporting environmental innovation, we can help create harmony between ecological and economic development, during which the real effects of new solution proposals must also be examined – they wrote in the announcement.

Seas and fresh waters are also at risk

Anikó Raisz also touched on the fact that, in addition to the dangers of sea and ocean pollution, more attention should also be paid to the issue of fresh waters, in which Hungary can show many good practices. According to the Climate and Nature Protection Action Plan, the Hungarian government is doing everything it can to ensure that the rivers are free of waste and pollution. Therefore, Hungary treats the waste removal of the Tisza and its tributaries, which are mainly affected by pollution from the upstream countries, as a matter of great importance, so for example, it supports the PET Cup civil initiative from the beginning.

They fight for the environment by building community

Let’s clean up the country! within the framework of the project, hundreds of thousands of tons of illegally abandoned waste have been cleared, mainly in public areas, in forests, next to rivers, and railway and road facilities. The location of illegal garbage dumps is also assisted by the Huladékradar application, which has already been downloaded by more than 27,000 users. In addition, this year’s TeSzedd! will start on April 22. action, one of the main goals of which is to strengthen the environmentally conscious attitude among the population and consumers, emphasizes the importance of preventing and eliminating illegal waste disposal – informed the Ministry of Economy.


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