The Bocuse d'Or Gastro Tour has been launched

By: trademagazin Date: 2015. 06. 08. 10:30

The Bocuse d'Or Gastro Tour was launched on Friday with the special supper of Molnár Gábor chef, who reached the 13th place at the 2015 Cooking Olympics.

Gulyas Eszter Molnar Gabor

Gulyás Eszter and Molnár Gábor

The series of events are organised by the Bocuse d'Or Academy and consists of 9 sessions in 9 months. The Bocuse d'Or Gastro Tour intends to provide an opportunity for competitors – who will compete in the national semi finals of the European competition – to show the highest Hungarian Fine Dining Cuisine. The first stage of the exclusive dining experience grand tour was held at the Szidónia Castle Hotel.

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