Quality beers came to the fore over volume

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 05. 24. 12:05

“Based on last year’s data, beer consumption has moved towards quality instead of volume,” say Auchan’s experts. The classic flavors are the most popular, in addition, the reduced energy and alcohol content came to the fore. Good weather increases consumption the best, and major sporting events by a few percent. Just as 1/3-2/3 of the shopping is usually done by women, more women take beer off the shelf than men. Due to price sensitivity, own-brand products representing a favorable price-value ratio are also popular in this category.

In the past two years, inflation naturally affected beers as well, which led purchases to quality rather than volume. Based on market trends, beers in the premium and super premium categories are developing above average.

At the same time, Auchan has 400 types of beer in its range, thinking about everyone’s taste and budget, including everything from red, brown and black beer to small-brewery beers and light beer. In addition to the alcoholic versions, there is also a wide selection of now-fashionable non-alcoholic beers throughout the year.According to Auchan’s beer experts, it can be observed that at the breweries, products produced with reduced energy and alcohol content have come to the fore, and they are increasingly offering more delicate, soft flavors, which they want to promote consumption by young adults.

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