AMC launched its melon consumption incentive campaign, the season can last until the end of September

By: STA Date: 2023. 08. 24. 11:00

The melon season is roaring, what’s more, today the old saying about Lőrinc’s day, which used to mean the end of the season around the middle of August, is no longer true. Producers have also recognized the needs of consumers, so fresh Hungarian melons are available until the end of September, either in lighter weight or seedless versions. The popular fruit also needs the company, which is why the Ministry of Agriculture and the Agricultural Marketing Center drew attention to the benefits of melon consumption in the framework of the “Summer, melon, slice” campaign at the STRAND Festival in Zamárd, where visitors could taste the delicious fruit.

(Photo: AMC)

This summer, among other things, the Agricultural Marketing Center focused on the promotion of seasonal fruits. The seasonally available fruits contain much more vitamins and minerals than their long-stored or preserved counterparts, not to mention the treats from faraway places, which already have very little vitamin content.

Melon is one of the healthiest water substitutes in the summer heat, it’s no wonder that many people like to eat it

The decrease in domestic cropland since 2019 seems to be reversing, an increase of more than 10% is expected this year – said Tamás Tarpataki, the Deputy Secretary of State responsible for agricultural markets at the Ministry of Agriculture, in his speech. He added: the watermelon growing area of 2,400 hectares in 2022 has been expanded to 2,800 hectares this year, so this year approximately 123-125 thousand tons of watermelon and almost 10 thousand tons of cantaloupe will be produced in Hungary, which, in addition to the domestic consumption of around 10 kg/person/year, is a represents roughly 30,000 tons of export goods.

(Photo: AMC)

Compared to the fact that in the past you had to buy up to a ten-kilogram fruit to get a melon, which made it quite difficult to transport it home, today the popular summer delicacy is available in many varieties.

Just like everything else, our eating habits are also changing, in this respect not only the health-conscious lifestyle comes to the fore, but comfort aspects are also valued – Péter Ondré, managing director of the Agrármarketing Centrum, highlighted the change in trends. Producers have also realized that the smaller melons, the yellow-gutted ones, or the seed-poor versions can arouse interest in this extremely valuable fruit, who might have been afraid of balancing a huge, several-kilo watermelon on the tram. This is also important, because watermelon not only provides excellent hydration in the summer heat, but it also provides nutrients, including vitamins A, C and K, as well as lycopene, which plays a role in cancer prevention. Cantaloupe also supports our health with beta-carotene, so the consumption of both types of melon is extremely beneficial.

Melon season is currently at its peak, there is no vegetable or grocery store that does not sell it

Despite this, many people don’t even know how healthy it is in addition to being tasty, so such attitude-shaping campaigns highlight this as well. At the STRAND Festival, during the event, you can continuously taste melons at the Agrármarketing Centrum’s wooden house, as the organizers specifically want to encourage young people to eat as much fruit as possible.


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