Most people are satisfied with their workplaces in the coronavirus situation

By: Trademagazin editor Date: 2020. 11. 10. 10:48

According to an 1,100-respondent nationwide representative survey by Opinio, 64 percent of Hungarians want their workplace to inform them about the COVID-19 situation. 34 percent said the most important is the news on health measures, which is followed by job security at 23 percent. Rather surprisingly only 6 percent of respondents are interested in the business perspectives of their company.

81 percent said their workplace provided them with enough information, but the others were told nothing or gave untrustworthy pieces of information. One third of Hungarians share the view that their boss has managed the situation in an exemplary fashion, while half of them opine they have had things under control. However, 20 percent aren’t satisfied with their boss’ performance in this respect. //

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