There are more and more environmentally friendly cleaning products and they are becoming more and more popular

By: Trademagazin Date: 2023. 09. 29. 11:32

The range of environmentally friendly cleaning products is constantly increasing, and consumers are increasingly looking for these products, as many are concerned about the health and environmental effects of chemicals. According to a recent market survey by the Conscious Buyers’ Association (TVE), the market for cleaning products sold as environmentally friendly increased by 16 percent in 2022 in Hungary, and in the past three years, the total turnover has doubled to HUF 8.4 billion. Manufacturers are quick to respond to customers’ demands for eco-certification.

At the same time, it is worrying that 80 percent of the growth comes from products that do not have a credible certification and often try to position themselves as green with misleading claims. While the market share of products with an authentic eco-label is stagnant, that of “fake-eco” products is growing rapidly and already accounts for 4.8 percent of the market.

Among the eco-products, the biggest increase in turnover was experienced last year by dishwashing detergents and window cleaners, and unfortunately, customers spent more money on non-certified “green” products than on certified ones. Consumers should be careful and choose products that have an authentic certification, such as the EU Ecolabel.

The visual impression also effectively influences customers, for example green packaging or plant motifs. Eco-products often emphasize recycled packaging, which carries environmental benefits, but does not say anything about the product’s content.

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