Electronic payment is becoming more and more important

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 03. 18. 11:27

The spread of electronic payments can be felt more and more clearly in Hungary, which shows an increasing trend every year. According to the professional article published by the MNB, while in 2015 electronic payments accounted for only 9 percent of all transactions, by 2022 this form of digital payment in stores will cover a third of all purchases.

The digital payment infrastructure is constantly developing, and interesting changes can also be discovered in shopping habits. According to Portfolio, the increasingly accepting stores attract customers, who are more inclined to spend more in places where the option of electronic payment dominates.

In recent years, the number of shops has decreased, while the proportion of places accepting electronic payments has increased. While there were still 145,000 stores operating in 2019, by 2022 this number had decreased to 138,000, but the proportion of stores accepting electronic payments rose from 55 percent to 81 percent.

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