Magazine: One for the baby…and then more for the baby!

By: Budai Klára Date: 2022. 07. 11. 06:22
Kaló Róbert, Hipp

Róbert Kaló
key account manager

In comparison with 2020, the baby food market grew by more than 10% in 2021 – wet baby food sales were up 9% and dry baby food expanded by 13% – reported Róbert Kaló, key account manager of Hipp Kft. Sales of premium Hipp products grew above the average. “In 2022 we were forced to increase prices by more than 10%, and now we are waiting for the market’s reaction” – informed the key account manager. Baby food buyers focus on healthy product ingredients, economical product size and use, and practical and eco-friendly packaging.

Bazsó Rita, Univer

Rita Bazsó 
marketing manager
Univer Product

Rita Bazsó, marketing manager of Univer Product Zrt. reckons there is no real seasonality in baby food sales, perhaps the summer period is a bit stronger, as parents like to take baby food with them when they go on holiday. “In the first quarter of 2022 sales grew significantly, especially in the private label segment. This trend was the result of providing humanitarian aid in the current war situation” – explained the marketing manager. She added that many people buy baby food in drugstores, because the product selection is the biggest there. In Hungary 90% of baby food is still sold in glass jars.



Innovations tailored to the needs of babies

Hipp Kft.: last year new products were added to the 125g stew and fruit purée selection, as part of the “First Spoon” concept. Also last year 250g “tray” menus were launched for babies older than 1 year; these complex meals are available in 7 flavours. This year 3 new Kecskeméti flavours will appear on store shelves – a “Vegetable risotto with chicken meat” that can be fed to babies from the age of 5 months, and two new 0.2-litre drinks – mono apple juice and plum-apple nectar. The company is currently developing coconut milk based desserts, and soon they will roll out vegan menus and duo stews.

Univer Product Zrt.: last year Univer Disney baby drinks were introduced in 6 different favours. In the early summer in 2022 new, oatmeal organic baby foods will hit the shops, which can help in introducing gluten- and milk-allergens to babies. Babies can enjoy these products from the age of 8 months, currently in 3 flavours – but more are likely to follow. //


Strong sales performance from liquid and solid baby foods

NielsenIQ logo

Séra Katalin_NielsenIQ

Guest writer:
Katalin Séra
senior analyst

Combined sales of liquid and solid baby foods exceeded HUF 17bn between April 2021 and March 2022. Value sales increased by 19% and the more than 29 million products sold represent an 8% volume sales growth. Shoppers spent almost HUF 10bn on liquid baby foods – sales were up 18%. Drugstores realised half of value sales. Hungarians bought solid baby foods for HUF 7bn and this meant a 21% rise in value sales. Drugstores had a 70% share in value sales.

No less than 80% of consumers opted for branded liquid baby foods and this proportion was even higher, 90% in the case of solid branded baby foods. In the liquid baby food category the dessert and the menu segments dominate. Fruit-based products generated 48% of sales. In the solid category infant formulas produced two thirds of value sales. As regards flavours, those solid baby foods were the most popular which are unflavoured: 60% of products sold were like this (in value). Value sales of vanilla-flavoured products surged 52% and thanks to this their market share jumped from 13% to 16%. //

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