You have to pay for parking after one hour at this Lidl store

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 04. 08. 11:06

At one of Lidl’s stores in Budapest, significant changes are coming into effect in terms of parking fees – informed, referring to information from Budapest and its surroundings. According to the supermarket chain’s decision, the first hour will remain free, but HUF 1,500 must be paid for the second hour, while HUF 15,000 per day will be charged from the third hour onwards.

The supermarket chain Lidl refers to the fact that its parking lots are often used for purposes other than shopping, which justifies the higher rates. This information was shared through the Lidl Plusz application, highlighting that these changes are only for II. the underground garage of the Csalogány utca store in the district is affected.

Previously, the first two hours in the aforementioned store were free, but according to the changes, a fee must be paid for the second hour. In other Lidl stores, parking is usually free, but some locations have already introduced the practice of paying after the second hour.

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