A day is just for fun at the country’s most attractive workplace

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 06. 14. 12:01

Playing is not only fun, but also important and useful, not only for children, but also for employees, the LEGO Group claims worldwide. This is supported not only by the Danish toy manufacturer’s own experience, but also by research, as a playful workplace culture can increase workplace well-being by 20 or even 40 percent, so it is no coincidence that the domestic factory is among the most attractive employers year after year. The positive effects of the game are also highlighted by the UN, and its importance will be drawn to the attention of the World Game Day starting in 2024.

The day of the game, i.e. Play Day, has a much bigger tradition in the life of the LEGO Group, since on this day, as the main expert and ambassador of learning through play, the company celebrates the power of play with its 30,000 employees worldwide every year. This is how it happened at the LEGO factory in Nyíregyháza, where production stopped and the more than 3,000 workers could only play together on this working day.

Learning through play is closely intertwined with the company’s mission to contribute to the playful development of essential skills important in today’s life.

Among other things, following the initiative of the LEGO Group, in April, the United Nations officially recognized June 11 as the World Day of Play.

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