In a week, the PET Cup’s bottle with a transmitter traveled 300 kilometers on the Tisza

By: Trademagazin editor Date: 2022. 01. 20. 11:18
A bottle of the PET Cup with a transmitter has traveled almost 300 kilometers in a week, providing useful data for researching the path of waste floating on the river and the success of the river clean-up operation, the organizer of the initiative told MTI on Thursday.

300-kilometer PET bottle floated on the Tisza

As stated in its communication, the Tisza PET Cup pays special attention to the research of river plastic pollution in addition to the collection, selection and processing of floodplain waste.

From following the path of the bottles with the beacon, the initiators expect to get an answer as to how fast the bottles travel on the flooded rivers, how far they travel in a given time, and where, why, and for how long they get stuck. (MTI)

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