The success story of a family

By: Tisza Andrea Date: 2019. 09. 25. 11:12

Kunság-Szesz Zrt. is 25 years old in 2019. László Nagy, CEO of the Kiskőrös-based family business – one of Hungary’s biggest spirits company – answered our questions.

How would you define the role of Kunság-Szesz in 2019?

László Nagy

Our company makes and sells lower price category ‘commercial’ spirits, premium quality pálinkas and special bitters. There are nearly 50 different spirits in our product portfolio. We cooperate with almost 100 wholesalers and several thousand retailers.

What is the key to your success?

We built a multibillion company from a small family enterprise. In this process we have always given priority to constant good quality, providing partners with quality and traditions at the same time.

What is your philosophy as the company’s leader?

What I learned in the last 25 years is that one must always believe in their dreams, working hard to realise them and love what they are doing.

What do you consider your biggest achievement?

Our products have already won more than 80 awards in Hungary and abroad. In 2012 the Mátyás Honey Apricot liqueur won the Quality Food From Hungary trademark. In 2018 Mátyás Bitter Liqueur was rewarded with a gold medal at the prestigious international spirits competition Destillata.

What was the most interesting innovation in recent years?

Innovation work, market research and consumer needs all formed part of the process that resulted in creating our Mátyás Bitter Liqueur. Its special taste comes from unique herbs and spices – some of them were widely used in the Renaissance, when King Mátyás – Matthias Corvinus – reigned.

Which things make your products so good?

In 2013 Kunság-Szesz Zrt. opened its modern pálinka distillery, which produces several thousand litres of excellent pálinka a year. All the fruits come from Hungarian growers. Mátyás Pálinkas are so good that you don’t need to see the label to tell what kind of fruit they are made from!

What are your plans for the future after 25 successful years?

Kunság-Szesz Zrt. employs 90 people, processes 1,000 tons of fruit a year, produces 250,000 bottles of spirit a day and sells 4,317,767 litres a year! Our new goal is making Mátyás Bitter Liqueur and Mátyás Pálinkas successful in the category of premium drinks. (x)

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