Double win at Republic: PENNY commissioned PR and employer branding tasks

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 02. 28. 12:16

The agency won the PR communication tasks of PENNY Magyarország through an invitational tender, and the employer branding projects as part of a trial assignment. Republic Group’s content division has been significantly transformed in the past two years, so in addition to PR, PA and social areas, they also strengthen their clients’ campaigns with creative and digital solutions.

At PENNY, this year, in addition to the existing, dedicated customers, the younger target groups will also receive special attention, and high-quality well-being products (organic, lactose- and gluten-free, sugar-controlled and vegan) will also be in focus. All these goals with diverse content tools; it is implemented by the department store chain and the agency team with influencer collaborations, deployments, events, video solutions and classic content strategies. “During the development of the tender task, we kept in mind the multidimensional content strategy solutions that would most effectively reach PENNY’s entire target group, including the generation now entering young adulthood. That is why, in addition to traditional PR tools, we are preparing for this year’s priority topics with a lot of video and short form content and opinion leader collaboration.” – said Anna Zámbó, Republic Group’s Content Director.

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