Dreher Breweries are looking for new employees in an innovative way

By: Trademagazin editor Date: 2017. 12. 15. 11:12

At Dreher Breweries, the labor shortage that affect a number of other businesses cannot be experienced yet, but seeing the labor market trend, we should be prepared for this opportunity, Kreiter Éva, HR Director of the Dreher Breweries said, who sees the solution in a distinctive, interactive and experience-based recruitment in the long-term strategy of the labor market. The company’s unusual job market was surrounded with huge interest.

Let’s get to know each other besides a beer – the Dreher Breweries’ unusual job market was launched with this motto, and indeed, hundreds of inquirers, , mostly graduating students, who entered the evening event, could get acquainted with the company’s staff and executives in one of the most popular runi pubs in Budapest.

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