The number of shoplifting has increased drastically

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 04. 02. 11:04

As a result of food inflation, the number of shoplifting has increased significantly at almost all supermarket chains. Due to the decline in the standard of living, more and more people are forced to steal in order to make a living, and violent looting in shops is also common – the expert tells RTL’s “Outside the House” program.

According to police data, the number of shop thefts in Hungary has increased by 61 percent in the past year. Group criminals steal smaller items, but the number of violent acts is also increasing. As an example, the XIII. the case of a district bakery, where the cash register was simply ripped open and the thieves disappeared.

The number of shoplifting has increased in parallel with the rise in food prices. The most commonly stolen products include coffee, spirits and sweets. At chain stores, meat, chicken breast, salami, cheese, clothes and DIY products are also subject to more attention due to theft.

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