Smoking an holiday cheques

By: trademagazin Date: 2008. 06. 27. 08:00

Tamás Háber, chairman of the Hungarian Guild of Caterers, spoke about the issues of greatest concern to the sector at the general assembly of the organisation. He reported no progress in the two issues which are causing the greatest concern for members. The proposed complete ban on smoking has not been part of the agenda, as the introduction of this ban originally planned for the 1st of July, has been postponed. – We are in favour of smaller than 100 square meter catering units being allowed to decide whether they want to operate in a smoking, or non-smoking system. – says Tamás Háber. Following court appeals, introduction of the ban has been suspended in several regions of Germany. The other major issue for the sector is the use of holiday cheques. Last year, two hundred catering units were authorised to accept these, but many declined to take advantage of the opportunity. Negotiations about holiday cheques between MVI and KISOSZ have not been successful so far.

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