REWE tests digital shopping trolleys in Germany

By: Trademagazin editor Date: 2024. 03. 01. 09:45

Partnered with Israeli technology company Catch, REWE’s digital R&D department is to test a digital shopping trolley in Cologne over the next four months.

Tablets on shopping trolleys, which can be operated intuitively by shoppers, are a real innovation. The underlying technology based on artificial intelligence offers a wealth of possibilities: Catch, that “learns” shopping routes without requiring personal data, can predict a shopper’s route based on the data and provide personalised product recommendations in real time. Using a camera on the back of the tablets, barcodes, digital shopping lists and those handwritten on paper can be scanned and Catch can then guide shoppers to the desired product in store. On the way there, it will recommend discounted products or special offers nearby that may be of interest to the shopper.

The aim of Catch is to bring a new kind of intuitive shopping experience to in-store retail that saves shoppers time, is convenient and tailored to their needs.

„Catch goes beyond typical product offerings: it rethinks the shopping experience. Our AI-powered platform personalizes retail by taking individual preferences into account to create unprecedented convenience and efficiency in the shopping process,” Shlomi Dayan, CEO of Catch Retail INC said.


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