Magazine: Candy – yes, sugar – no

By: Tisza Andrea Date: 2018. 11. 13. 07:18

Sales are on the rise again in the candy market – it was revealed at a roundtable discussion organised by the Association of Hungarian Confectionery Manufacturers on 3 July. New innovations have been introduced to the gummy candy market, e.g. gluten-free and vegetarian products. A recent survey commissioned by the association has found that most people consume most sweets types in their homes, but the smaller the confectionery product is, the likelier that it is also eaten on the go, at school or the workplace.

However, the picture is less rosy if we mention that from 2019 the public health product tax (NETA) will increase, making candy products more expensive, too. But let’s not forget that the NETA is only imposed on products made with sugar in the confectionery market. Mónika Bata, managing director of Bergland Hungária Kft. told: with the tax raise the price difference between classic sugary products and premium candies will decrease, so they hope that more people will buy the company’s sugar-free products. Katalin Gyenese, marketing manager of I.D.C. Hungária Zrt. added that in the functional candy segment (such as the company’s Verbana) practical packaging solutions are gaining ground.

Tibor Kovács
sales and marketing manager

Házisweets Kft.’s sales and marketing manager Tibor Kovács told our magazine that their sales had grown by 9 percent. The company’s branded products strengthened their positions, but the private label products that they manufacture for retail chains performed a little worse. This year the company put the Zizi puffed rice brand on the market, which is available in more and more shops. Mr Kovács reckons that with consumer becoming more conscious, product advantages must be communicated with greater emphasis.

Verbena herbal candy returned to shops in a new, more stylish packaging in the autumn of 2017. The high season is the colder months of the year for Verbena candies, but this year the company made an attempt to reduce this seasonality: they launched a limited edition summer flavour, melon, to produce higher sales in the summer months. This new product doesn’t contain herbs but there is added vitamin C in it.

Bergland Hungária’s sales were up 15 percent in the first 8 months of 2018, thanks to products being available in more shops, new product launches and more active marketing work. The company focuses on premium candies, especially sugar-free products and the latest innovation is a sugar-free candy range, which is made in Hungary and is marketed in Zet-KLIK packaging. These hard candies contain natural ingredients. //

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