The volume of lake farm fish production has decreased in Hungary

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The volume of fish production in Hungarian pond farms was 19,673 tons in 2023, which is 7.3 percent lower than the volume of the previous year, according to the report of the Agricultural Sector. 80.0 percent of fish production was concentrated in three regions: Northern Great Plain, Southern Transdanubia and Southern Great Plain. From an economic point of view, carp is still our primary fish species, which accounted for 82 percent of fish meat production for consumption in the lake economy in 2023.

The role and areas of lake farms

The dominant part of domestic fish production is accounted for by pond farms, the area of ​​which was operated in 2023 was 26,836 hectares. The amount of fish produced in intensive systems decreased by 10.3 percent compared to the previous year, to 5,664 tons, of which 4,386 tons were fish produced for food.

Foreign trade data

In 2023, the export value of fish and fishery products reached HUF 10.4 billion, while the import value reached HUF 52.3 billion. The foreign trade balance’s deficit of HUF 41.9 billion exceeded the 2022 deficit by HUF 3.1 billion.

Cultivation of fish ponds and territorial data

In 2023, about 30,026 hectares of lake area were included in the domestic register in the field of fish pond cultivation, of which the size of the cultivated lake area was 26,836 hectares. In Hungary, 68.8 percent of the fish ponds in operation produced edible fish, 21.4 percent produced juvenile fish, while 7.6 percent were used for raising fry and the remaining 2.2 percent for other purposes, according to the latest report of the Agrárközgazdasági Intézet (AKI). .
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