Csányi Sándor: About the break out points of Hungary

By: trademagazin Date: 2009. 10. 07. 00:02

The Hungarian innovative capacity exists, but can not be applied – states Csányi Sándor in a video interview of Figyelő. The OTP Chairman and CEO would put the emphasis on Hungary’s unused values and abilities in the recover of the economy.

Csányi mentiones four major national key drivers; water management, food industry, thermal, and alternative energy and health care.
According to Csányi; the emphasis should be placed on traditional values, which are at least as much potential, such as innovation, with special emphasis on agriculture, (although many people believe the sector is not so important) because Hungary has good natural ability, also has a historical tradition, and the training, expertise is over average – reports tozsdeforum.hu.

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