Cognac & Co.

Date: 2020. 02. 21. 10:19

In the last 20 years the consumption of wine-based spirits – cognacs, armagnacs and brandies – dropped. Csaba Mosonyi, marketing director of Pernod Ricard Hungary told our magazine that they distribute Martell cognac and Ararat brandy products in Hungary. His experience is that the cognac market is small and it doesn’t grow, while the brandy segment is expanding and premium product Ararat is more and more popular.

Sára Palcsó
marketing director
Zwack Unicum

Zwack is present on the market with Lánchíd De Luxe Brandy and Maximilian liqueur specialty – informed marketing director Sára Palcsó. They see a small sales growth in the market. These products are consumed both as aperitif or digestif. Zwack’s latest innovation is Lánchíd brandy, which is made from a 7-year-old French wine distillate. //

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