Coca-Cola: conscious design less stress, healthier life

Date: 2019. 06. 18. 11:17

How do we maintain our physical and mental health despite stress? How can we stay balanced in the rush of everyday life? The Coca-Cola Company asked two experts – psychologist Almási Kitti and Szűcs Zsuzsanna dietician – to help you answer the above questions.

Due to the constant rush, the many tasks and the lack of time, we are often stressful, forget about a meal or drink a whole day. However, the development of daily routine and regularity would be very important for a healthy lifestyle. “Seventy, eighty percent of civilization diseases are associated with an unhealthy diet. Therefore, one of the pillars of good health is good nutrition” – Szűcs Zsuzsanna dietitian says. However, conscious planning is important not only for our physical but also for our spiritual integrity. “We do not only want to live healthy when we are no longer healthy. Pay attention to prevention instead of firefighting” Almási Kitti Psychologist says.