(HU) “Diéta”: könnyebb utálkozva, mint jellemesen?

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The SZÉP card will be more attractive

The government has made important decisions, which are expected to support domestic tourism in the difficult situation due to the coronavirus epidemic – portfolio.hu quotes Minister Gulyás Gergely, head of...

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Two-thirds of Greek hotels are threatened with bankruptcy

Greek tourism could be hit hard by the coronavirus, according to a recent study, more than half of Greek hotel owners fear of bankruptcy – portfolio.hu wrote. 65 percent of...

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An increase in the delivery fee for U.S. food couriers is being investigated

Worldwide food orders have skyrocketed due to the epidemic, but the situation appears to have been abused by some providers. In the U.S., lawsuits are being filed against GrubHub, DoorDash,...

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Bag-(and-crackers)-in-box – Picture of the day

Cheese, wine and crackers are commonly enjoyed alongside one another and this summer, Cheez-It and House Wine collaborated to offer a limited-edition product pairing. The product for wine lovers and...

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McDonald’s in Hungary say thanks for the sacrificial work of doctors and nurses with donations

The restaurants help healthcare workers in several hospitals in Budapest and the countryside in times of crisis. In a national emergency following the coronavirus, domestic McDonald’s restaurants are helping to...

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