Potatoes were put to the test at Supermenta

By: STA Date: 2023. 03. 24. 11:00

The Supermenta packaged potato product test has already revealed that commercially available potatoes are safe. As a continuation of the test, the specialists of Nébih carried out further tests. They investigated, for example, how the sugar content and amount of harmful substances in potatoes stored under different conditions changes, and they also examined whether there is a general difference between the contents of potatoes.

(Photo: Pixabay)

During Süpermenta’s additional tests, it was revealed, among other things, that the sweet potato recognized as the “honorable potato” lived up to its name, since the sugar content measured at the beginning of the experiment far exceeded that of the classic potato: at the first measurement, it was 5.35 g/100 g. This value decreased to 5 g/100g four years later when stored at room temperature, while it increased to 6.23 g/100g when stored in a cool place.

Potatoes are not much different

Tests by Nébih specialists also revealed that there is no significant difference between the contents of traditional potatoes in terms of their fat, protein, sugar and starch content. While comparing classic potatoes and sweet potatoes, it can be concluded that the latter not only has a higher sugar content, but also a higher protein content. The detailed results of the experiment are available on the product test page of Nébih Szupermenta: https://szupermenta.hu/ilyen-probakat-kellett-kiallniuk-a-burgonyaknak/



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