Brutal increase in price! Producers would raise the price of eggs by HUF ten from September

By: STA Date: 2022. 08. 25. 14:30

Due to the rising energy and feed prices, as well as the constantly increasing production costs, egg producers will be forced to increase the producer price by ten forints per egg net from September, the Association of Hungarian Egg Hybrid Breeders and Egg Producers (Egg Association) told MTI on Thursday.

In recent years, the price of eggs has risen much less than that of other foods (Photo: Pixabay)

They pointed out: due to the drought period, livestock farmers were faced with higher feed prices, while their operating costs were also pushed up by the rise in energy prices. The price increase is also necessary for safe domestic supply. In the current economic environment, producers are wondering whether it is worth putting new herds into production, and how long they can finance production at the current cost level, they wrote.

Europe is also facing similar problems, there will be no imported eggs

The announcement quotes the president of the Egg Association, who confirmed that there is still no shortage of eggs, but the domestic sector is approaching the limit of supply. According to Zoltán Sütő, farmers in other European countries also face similar problems. Due to the euro/forint exchange rate, it is not expected that cheap imports will appear on the Hungarian egg market. They emphasized: while in January 2018 the price of an M egg at the packing point was HUF 31.92 net, by June 2022 it had risen by only HUF 9 to around HUF 41. In the last five years, the average consumer price of eggs has risen at the lowest rate compared to other staple foods. The consumer price of a ten-piece egg in July 2022 exceeded the level of January 2018 by 17.8 percent. In the same period, the price of milk rose by 51.9 percent, bread by 144.8 percent, and butter by 64.7 percent, they added.

The egg producers hope that the price increase will be accepted not only by consumers, but also by commercial actors and store chains, and they consider it important to be able to supply domestic consumers with high-quality eggs from domestic production, the Egg Association wrote.


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