The market leader Tranzit Group awaited every Debrecen resident with scrambled eggs made from 75,000 eggs

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 06. 21. 11:01

600 liters of oil, 70 kg of table salt and 2.2 kg of ground black pepper; and of course 75,000 hen’s eggs – this recipe was needed to prepare the world’s largest scrambled eggs on Friday, June 21 in Debrecen. The announcement was made officially on the square in front of the Great Church: a new Guinness record has been set in the city of Cívis.

More, more…

At last year’s Zamat Festival, the world’s largest deep-fried slice was prepared by the convenience food company Tranzit Group in Debrecen, which deals with cutting and processing poultry. Already then, they decided that this year they would “throw” something similarly big with the Tranzit-Food premium chicken brand known as “Csibém”. As a result of their joint brainstorming, they got to the point of trying to make the world’s largest scrambled egg. (The previous world record was held by a 3.2-ton scrambled egg made from 60,000 eggs. Until now…)

3.5 tons

The “CSIBÉM team” undertook no less than to make a 4.3-ton scrambled egg from 75,000 eggs and distribute it within the framework of the “Breakfast in Debrecen” project. For this, first of all, the 3 meter wide and 22 meter long special baking equipment had to be prepared, in which 75,000 eggs can be prepared in 4 hours. With food safety aspects in mind, the 75,000 eggs were cracked at the dawn of the record attempt, namely in a refrigerated space where the preservation of quality is guaranteed. The other big challenge was handling the eggs to the right core temperature and keeping them at the right core temperature during baking.

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