Borsodi is expanding: the brewery handed over a new logistics hall

By: Trademagazin Date: 2022. 09. 13. 10:52

The Borsodi Brewery continues the development of its logistics area with the investment worth nearly one billion forints, which has just been completed. The company further modernized its operations, expanded the Bőcs brewery with a new logistics hall and, in parallel, the number of employees at the plant increased by 40 people. The new facility offers the opportunity to optimize logistics processes.

A logistics hall with a floor area of 3,300 square meters was handed over

Thanks to the investments started in 2018, the Borsodi Sörgyár plant in Bőc now functions as the regional headquarters of Molson Coors Beverage Company, one of the world’s largest beer manufacturing companies. The increased production capacity also necessitated the logistical development of the factory. As part of this process, the company renovated the road network around the brewery, and this summer the new logistics hall with a floor area of ​​3,300 square meters was completed and handed over. The new hall makes it possible to improve warehouse utilization and, in addition, to reduce the loading time by almost 10%. The optimization of processes and the increase of efficiency are also helped by the expansion of the number of employees by nearly 40 people.

“The investment just implemented, the handover of our new logistics hall, is an important part of the Borsodi Brewery’s long-term strategy. By optimizing our storage and transport processes and reducing the loading time, we operate more efficiently, we can serve our partners faster and more flexibly,” said Zsolt Vuleta, managing director and commercial director of the Borsodi Brewery. “The development is closely related to our previous three-year investment program affecting the production area, the plan for the construction of the hall and the development of the road network was already completed then. The handing over of the new hall will help us successfully fulfill our role as a regional production center.”

he added.


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