Bonduelle: Myths and Facts – on canned and frozen vegetables

By: trademagazin Date: 2012. 02. 29. 10:24

What guarantees the high quality of the products? Are the cans of Bonduell from Hungarian ingredients? So many questions, which now Bonduelle provides the answer to finally dispel myths about the canned products.

What is a high-quality means to Bonduelle?

The vegetables are seriously checked at all stages of the production process. Between harvesting and processing only a few hours tahe place, so the finished product retains the flavor and nutritional value of the raw material. The canned products are heat-preserved on 115 to 130 ° C.

It is true that canned vegetables are healthy as well?

During canning, the amount of some vitamins reduces – eg. vitamin C – but there are less heat-sensitive vitamins in vegetables (some B-vitamins), as well as fiber, minerals, do not suffer damage from the heat treatment.

Is it true that Bonduelle products are from the best Hungarian raw materials?

Yes, the Bonduelle canned products are made of high-quality Hungarian vegetables. Among Bonduelle’s canned products 11 products have a certified Quality Hungarian Food classification including  the full range of sweet corn as well.

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