László Bódis: we can take steps towards sustainability with small, everyday attentions

By: STA Date: 2023. 04. 28. 11:30

We can take steps towards sustainability with small everyday attentions, such as not throwing away 40 percent of the food we buy, turning off the lights when we leave a room, or not heating buildings when we are not there – said the Ministry of Culture and Innovation (KIM) for innovation responsible deputy state secretary on Thursday in Vác.

(Photo: Pixabay)

László Bódis reminded at the opening of the Jövőmentő mission program at the Piarist Observatory Center in Vác that the first half of the twentieth century is often referred to as the era of great discoveries in physics, people began to understand that the atom is not the smallest component of the world. He added that the second half of the twentieth century was about DNA, when it was possible to map the human DNA system and thereby speed up the healing process. “If we ask the question of what the first half of the twenty-first century can be about, then sustainability will definitely be at the center,” said the deputy state secretary, who said that sustainability is important both culturally and socially. “We can only hand over the planet Earth to the next generation, which is also available to us,” added the deputy state secretary.


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