Let’s hope for the best, but we would better start preparing…

By: jungandrea Date: 2018. 08. 20. 20:32

László Benedek
sales director

At this time, when retail trade is flying high and buyer-supplier negotiations are characterised by a happy mood, it is easy to forget that harder times might return in the future. My view is that now is the time to start compiling the list of tasks that should be performed, in order to guarantee that it will hurt less when things turn for the worse one day. Saving up money, extra investment in marketing, recruiting new workers, increasing efficiency, optimising stocks, etc. – if these things are taken care of now, the future can be bright, too. In addition to these, businesses should also manage the funds they have well, investing their money – if necessary with advice from experts to make sure that it isn’t lost. All in all, my message to you is: stop enjoying the current retail boom and start preparing for the future.. //