Magazine: Safety, uniqueness and green solutions

By: Trademagazin editor Date: 2018. 07. 18. 07:18

According to the experts of DS Smith Packaging Hungary, the rapid conquest of e-commerce generates serious changes in the packaging industry too.

Levente Szabó
sales and marketing director
DS Smith Packaging Hungary

Sales and marketing director Levente Szabó told our magazine that in line with this trend and being familiar with customer needs, they had developed a packaging solution for present and future e-commerce partners that not only protects products, but it is innovative and cost-efficient as well.

Zsuzsanna Zsebő
senior marketing associate

Zsuzsanna Zsebő, senior marketing associate of Dunapack Kft. informed us: with their packaging designs and by reviewing the packaging processes of their partners, the objective is to minimise the difficulties caused by the workforce shortage. She added that from a marketing perspective the key to success will be personalisation in the future.

Adrienn Apró
sales team leader
STI Petőfi Nyomda

Adrienn Apró, sales team leader of STI Petőfi Nyomda Kft. is of the opinion that fighting counterfeiting is a daily problem in the packaging market. Product manufacturers are very much interested in the anti-counterfeit solutions of packaging companies. In addition to this, every product manufacturer would like to stand out from the crowd, by using unique packaging solutions. Rondo Hullámkartongyártó Kft. manufactures corrugated board packaging solutions. These are typically secondary and tertiary packaging designs, so their main task is protecting the goods and giving marketing support – explained managing director Zsolt Miklós. Wanapack Kft.’s experts told Trade magazin that the price of recycled paper-based linerboards increased in several stages since last year, and the price of pure-cellulose kraftliners also elevated. Demand for corrugated board products grew by 3.2 percent in 2017 – revealed the company’s owner, Imre Hopka.

Ms Zsebő talked to us about how they design packaging solutions tailored especially to the production equipment of partners. Mr Miklós stressed the importance of using as little packaging material for designs as possible. In order to guarantee that the packaging solution will still protect the product perfectly, the packaging company and the product manufacturer must stay in touch throughout the process. Mr Szabó talked about how the company’s PaPillOn range is being introduced to the Hungarian market. The new range consists of a 100-percent paper fibre pallet, a container and a top deck – all of them are made from recycled paper. Pallet weight is half of a classic wooden pallet’s weight, and at the same time it is very strong, clean and environmentally friendly.

Imre Hopka

Mr Hopka’s opinion is that those manufacturers have a market advantage which offer complex logistics services. Ms Apró reckons that packaging companies need to react flexibly to emerging customer needs; Attila Vass, sales team leader of the company added that they pay special attention to anti-counterfeit, brand protection and tamper-evident solutions.

The DS Smith Group is dedicated to operating sustainably and in an environmentally friendly fashion. Within the framework of the group’s PackRight programme, DS Smith Packaging Hungary pays special attention to understanding the details of the whole supply chain, so that they can contribute more to partners achieving their environmental goals by developing green, cost-efficient packaging solutions.

István Szebellédi
environmental manager
STI Petőfi Nyomda

Kecskemét-based STI Petőfi Nyomda Kft. also gives priority to environmental protection – even more so because this is more and more important for partners too. According to environmental manager István Szebellédi, their customers don’t just want the printing house to operate in a green manner, but also wish to know about the global effects of the products they make. This is the reason why they offer FSC- and PEFC-certified products to partners.

György Kolozsvári
STI Petőfi Nyomda

Director György Kolozsvári added that they had installed two new production lines in the Kecskemét factory last year.

Rondo Hullámkartongyártó Kft. specialises in designing, manufacturing and selling corrugated board packaging solutions. Mr Miklós revealed that in the case of corrugated board recycling works very well. When their designs are created, economical raw material use is fundamentally important. Ms Zsebő told that one of Dunapack Kft.’s new measures has been replacing cartons containing primary fibres with 100-percent recycled cartons in manufacturing corrugated board packaging solutions.

Zsolt Miklós
managing director
Rondo Hullámkartongyártó

These new-design cartons can cope with high-humidity conditions better. What is more, half the water and energy are enough when making them than before, when primary-fibre cartons were produced. Mr Hopka told: Wanapack Kft. is active in three main packaging areas – corrugated board transportation packaging, protective stretch wraps and ultra light paper pallets tailored to the needs of partners – and sustainable and green solutions are given priority in each of them. The company plans to realise innovation projects in all three areas, and some of them will target FMCG partners especially. //

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