The KATA tightening took effect: the number of companies closing increased fourfold

By: Trademagazin Date: 2022. 09. 09. 08:59

In one month, more than 3,300 social enterprises initiated their liquidation, which is the second highest value of liquidation of all time, and four times the usual monthly values in recent years. The number of sole proprietors has also decreased a lot.

Many companies pulled down the shutters, the number of individual businesses also decreased

As we have become accustomed to in a significant part of 2022, the August data also brought new outstanding values among the company information indicators. The records are usually due to changes in company law, economic fluctuations and expectations, and we can witness this in the August data series as well. The current out-of-trend numbers are caused by the combination of changes in the KATA regulation and recessionary expectations. The news about the change in the KATA regulations first came to light in May 2022, and then on July 12, the parliament adopted the tightening of the regulations, which finally came into effect on September 1.


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