The production and trade of artificial meat was banned

By: Trademagazin Date: 2023. 11. 17. 10:48

Italy is the first in the European Union to say no to the production and distribution of so-called cultured meat and products derived from it, with a vote held on Thursday in the lower house of the Roman parliament.

The House of Representatives adopted the law bearing the name of Agriculture Minister Francesco Lollobrigida with 159 yes votes, 53 no votes and 34 abstentions.

The Coldiretti small producers’ association was one of the first to advocate the banning of meat grown in the laboratory from stem cells. The question has resulted in a serious political debate in recent years, and the voting of the law was not without tension.

During the voting, members of Coldiretti and the politicians of the +Europa party led by President Benedetto Della Vedova protested in front of the House of Representatives building. Protesters from +Europa declared that artificial meat opponents are “breeding ignorance, banning artificial meat is anti-scientific and anti-Italian”.

Coldiretti emphasized that in Italy, food is an integral part of culture and tradition, and the protection of quality products is a priority.

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