Bottles with a deposit? There is still a lot of packaging waste in the food industry

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 03. 14. 11:32

With the appearance of the first deposit-fee bottles, the transition period started, which lasts until the end of summer, when the same product is even available in two different packages. Discontinued stocks do not yet have the returnability logo on them, so there is no deposit fee for these, but they still expect customers to put them in selective waste bins.

From July, only bottles with a deposit can be placed on store shelves, so they are expected to be completely out of stock by the end of the summer.

The machines identify the bottles based on the barcode and differentiate between packaging with and without a deposit fee. However, this poses a serious challenge for trade record systems, as two barcodes can be associated with one product.

During the design of the packaging, many rules must be complied with, for example, the precise requirements for the placement of logos and barcodes are also regulated in detail. The operator of the deposit fee system, Mohu, for example, has issued a 25-page guideline for these regulations.

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