The harvesting of autumn barley is completed in Békés county

By: Trademagazin editor Date: 2017. 07. 10. 11:32

The harvest of autumn barley and peas is completed in Békés county, and farmers will soon end the harvesting of rape. The biggest problem is currently caused by droughts.


Kozsuch Kornél, chairman of the Békés county Coordination Committee said at the committee meeting on Monday that the yield of autumn barley became 4900 kilograms per hectare. Peas were planted on 2 thousand 226 hectares, with a total yield of 5 thousand 343 tons. Sixty percent harvest rate was recorded for autumn wheat. The crop is cultivated on almost 93,000 hectares, with a yield of 4800 kilograms per hectare, he added. (MTI)

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