Poultry salmonella: Marketing of Hungarian chickens in doubt from December 2010

By: trademagazin Date: 2009. 11. 17. 00:02

Dr Kern József research chemist and leader of the Diagon-group and Bárány László, the chairman of the Poultry Product Council drew attention on the significantly salmonella infected domestic poultry and the forthcoming EU liabilities.

Before the press conference, public laboratory tests also took place with Diagon’s new 2 hours lasting test, which is much faster than the traditional 4-5 day tests. Ten chickens were tested, purchased at ten different locations. The presence of salmonella was evinced in 7 animals.
According to Bárány László Hungary is in significant delay, compared to the other member countries of the European Union: while most EU countries, only 5-25 percent of the poultry infected with salmonella, in Hungary the majority of chickens are infected.
From 12th December 2010 only salmonella free chickens can be marketed in the European Union.

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