Rakuten Viber and Mastercard have launched an instant money transfer service

By: Trademagazin editor Date: 2019. 10. 07. 11:10

Viber users will be able to easily and safely send each other a small or larger amount of money a 125,000 HUF a month and a maximum of 780,000 HUF a year with the help of the Hungarian-developed service – representatives of the companies announced at a press conference in Budapest on Thursday.

They said that the new Viber feature, with the help of Moneytou – will be the first in the world to use Hungarian-issued credit cards for immediate financial transactions. In line with EU money laundering regulations, Viber Moneytou allows users to send a maximum of 125,000 forints per month and up to 780,000 forints per year, but the card-issuing bank can set additional limits. (MTI)